Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today I cleaned baseboards.

That's not all I've done today, but it certainly was an interesting task. I can imagine some of you starting to laugh and thinking "She's nesting." Maybe, though the class we took said nesting comes a few days before labor and we're not that close yet.

Josh was painting Kate's room...something I would have rather done but am unable to do in my current "condition." When he saw me sitting on the ground with old toothbrush in hand...
Josh: Are you cleaning baseboards?
Sarah: Yes
Josh: Sarah...(note of question in his voice)
Sarah: What?
Josh: It just doesn't seem like something a pregnant woman should be doing.
Sarah: Well, it needs to be done. Besides, at least I can sit down most of the time.
Josh: You're awesome, thanks for doing that.

Appreciation gives energy to the task. Funny how something like clean baseboards suddenly becomes very important. It's important because this is our home and this is my domain. I want even the details to say "I take care of my family." It's not a glamorous task but it is a sacred one.


Beth Anne said...

I scrubbed the grout in my bathroom shower and floor with a toothbruch and a cup of bleach... why do we do these things???

Sarah said...

Beth, I'd like to say it's because we are diligent women. But I think it's because we are slightly crazy. Let's just blame it on pregnancy and hormones. =)