Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book Corner

Another installment of book recommendations

I highly recommend Kabul Beauty School. I listened to this one as an audiobook during my drive out to Kerrville and our traveling over Christmas. It was enjoyable, entertaining, and an intimate look at life for some women in Afghanistan. It's about an American hairdresser who goes to Kabul to help start a beauty school to help Afghani women have a source of income as they learn skills in hairdressing and other beauty salon activities. She tells her story of her clashes with the culture, learning to live in Afghanistan, and the stories of the women she teaches and develops friendships with. It's a good way for us who have not experienced life in this country to get a taste and a little more understanding for what it is like to live there.

I had been wanting to read Three Cups of Tea for a while. I got it for Christmas and read it immediately. It is an inspiring story about how one man set out to keep his promise to a small town in mountainous rural Pakistan. Greg saw the need for education of the children and realized that one of the most effective ways to fight terrorism is to educate the children to see there is another way besides a life of fighting and suicide bombing. It was an encouraging look at what can happen when someone works tirelessly at what he knows will help people long term.

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Joe, Ash and Hank said...

Wow! I just read both of those books in the past few months- LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You have great taste. :)