Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cowboy Breakfast

Friday morning there was a cowboy breakfast at the courthouse in Kerrville. Since we are now Kervillians, we are trying to attend different town events to really jump into life here. So we headed out to the courthouse a little before 7am (yes, that was early) to see the festivities. One of the sausage companies had provided sausage, Mission tortillas provided tortillas to complete the breakfast sausage wrap, and Hastings bookstore provided coffee and orange juice. (I had orange juice.)(It was cold, so I was bundled up!)

There were several radio stations out there playing music and giving away yellow roses to the ladies. The entertainment consisted of goat milking contests by local businessmen and a cow-patti throwing contest by the local politicians - the mayor, county commissioner, city councilmen, etc. All in all, it was pretty entertaining.
Yay for cowboy breakfast in Kerrville.


Shell & Mike said...

LOL....that is too cute!Do yall wear cowboy boots too??!! =)

Anonymous said...

ya gotta love a good ole texas town!!
love yall and praying for you!