Thursday, January 08, 2009


In my "reading through the Bible" Deuteronomy has coincided with the beginning of this year. This has been very fitting, indeed. Over and over again Moses reminds the Israelites to remember what the Lord has done on their behalf so far. Over and over again he tells them to instruct their children and tell their story of how the Lord brought them out of Egypt and into the land they are about to receive.

Deuteronomy 2:7 reminds the people that they "have not lacked a thing" as the Lord had provided everything they needed, even if they grumbled and complained. In chapters 3 and 4 Moses cautions the people about following other gods, but he does tell them that when they turn back God will be there because He is a compassionate God (4:29-31). Chapters 9 and 10 talk about how everything has been done because of God's goodness, not because the people themselves are good enough.

This has been fitting to read as I start a new year and look back over the last one. I didn't make resolutions this year, but Josh and I have spent time reflecting over 2008. It was a full year and it is important to remember what the Lord did and what He showed us.

How does my faith grow if I forget what God has done?

How can I teach my children about the faithfulness of God if I can't remember it?

Just as a nation cannot grow stronger and better without recognizing her own history, I cannot grow without realizing my history.

He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen. Deut. 10:21

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