Monday, November 26, 2007


This year Josh and I hosted Thanksgiving and our families came to us! It was so fun to have everyone in our house! The food was delicious and just about everyone had some sort of contribution to the meal. Then, just after we had finished eating, it started snowing! Big flakes! It didn't stick to the ground of course, but we all ran outside to take pictures. What a great Thanksgiving surprise!You can kind of see the flakes in our hair and falling down. From the left: Justin (Laurie's boyfriend), Laurie (Josh's sister), my mom, Matthew (my bro), Nila (a friend from church), my dad, Joshua, and me!
Here are the grandkids with Mamaw! We are so glad she could come spend Thanksgiving with us. We enjoy her being around.

After dessert we had a long game of Cranium turbo edition. Everyone got to laugh and I think everyone made a fool of themselves at one point or another. The worst activity in this game is when the whole team has to spell a word backwards by alternating letters. Makes even intelligent people seem dumb...

It was so great to be with our families and we are so blessed to have families who are willing to travel to see us. It was fun to cook and plan food for them and decorate the house. We got to use all our china dishes, too!

We have much to be thankful for...

Wedding fun!

The Saturday before Thanksgiving we went to the wedding of a couple in our home group at church. We have been waiting for this wedding for a while now and they were so ready to be on the other side. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fancy and lovely, the food delicious, and, the best part, there was dancing! Oh yes, dancing! And did we ever...

Here are the girls of the home group who were at the wedding. We are a pretty good looking group!
And here we are, dressed to kill if I may say so! Josh wore his new suit and I wore one of my bridesmaid dresses (Thanks Brittany!) and black & white polka dot heels. We definitely impressed a few people who did not know we are dancers. It's about time they knew...

Congratulations Jon and Heather Fearing! (We didn't get any pictures of them)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

College Station

Last weekend Joshua and I headed down to College Station to visit a friend who just started at A&M. We didn't end up getting to spend much time with him, but we still had fun seeing the campus again and checking out the old town again! I miss College Station!In Rudder Fountain! Don't get wet!

We met up with Wesley, who was down visiting his girlfriend and got to eat with them. I really wanted to eat at Zapatos, but they were cleaning or fixing the inside and it smelled bad, so we went to Fitzwilly's instead. We drove by our old apartment and hung out in Research Park for a little while in the afternoon. Such a great place!
For dinner Joshua and I got Layne's to eat on our way home. Yum, chicken!Under the Century Tree - Meant to be!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Josh and the giant hotdog man!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Date Night: Morocco

No, we didn't travel to Morocco for a date night...but we did eat Moroccan food. Last Friday night Josh and I went to a cooking class at Sur la Table in Dallas. The class was on Moroccan cuisine. Delicious! It was a hands-on class, which meant that we got to make all the food. We had lamb, chicken, couscous, salad, and rice pudding. It was really fun to learn how to cook all the food. The recipes were not too difficult and I think Josh and I could do them again. And the funny part is that it turns out the chef is a girl I went to school with senior year of high school! We had English class together! So that was fun to see her and find out what has been going on in her life.

Now we are back in Arlington. =) I'm studying for a test and Josh is at work. Tonight I have my practicum, which is going really well.

Hopefully more adventures coming soon!