Sunday, January 04, 2009

Adventures in Kerrville, part 1

Kerrville moves at a different pace than the Metroplex. There is nothing wrong with that, we just have to learn to get used to it. Saturday afternoon we went out to return the movie we had rented from the Redbox by McDonald's. (Redbox is where you can rent DVDs for a $1 per day. They are free-standing vending machines, basically.) When we pulled up we saw that there was an elderly couple using the Redbox. So we parked and waited for them to finish. I could see by the screen that they were still selecting which movie to rent. So we waited. After a few minutes we turned off the car and waited. They seemed like a nice couple just wanting to get a movie for an evening at home together and we didn't want them to feel rushed. So we waited.

After a few more minutes I joked that we might just have to go inside and get an ice cream while we wait. Josh jumped at the idea, so we headed inside. We came out with our two ice cream cones and saw that the couple was still there. Not wanting them to feel hurried, we walked toward the front of McDonald's and watched the street for a while. By this time the couple had decided what they wanted to rent, but were having trouble with the machine. The gentleman tried to use a handful of change, but the machine only takes credit cards. So his lovely bride went to the car and got a credit card and swiped it as many times as was necessary to get the machine to read it. Finally, they were able to retrieve their selected entertainment. They stared at it a bit bewildered for a moment before turning to get back in their truck.

Josh had us walk slowly over to the machine so as not to appear as though we had been waiting on them. Our errand took about 6 seconds. We touched a button on the screen and slid the DVD in. In fact, the couple was still pulling out of their parking spot as we turned to get into our car.

Task completion time: 6 seconds
Total errand time: about 15 mintues

I think I'll start taking a book everywhere I go...even to the Redbox.

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