Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Super Bowl

When moving to a new town at the beginning of the year, there is always the concern about having to spend the Super Bowl, a time usually enjoyed with friends or family, alone. Fortunately we were invited to a party with other young families. I have to say this was our first Super Bowl event where there were almost as many kids as adults. Babies propped up on Daddy's lap as they watched the game, moms down on the floor playing or checking on the toddlers getting into stuff. Next year for the Super Bowl Kate will have the best seat in the house on Josh's lap. =)

We tried to get festive with the dessert we took to the party. We made two Jello Cheesecakes and decorated one for the Steelers and one for the Cardinals. The Steelers one got eaten - which is fine because it didn't look as cool. The Steelers logo is kind of lame for a cake.

We had a fun night and only made the babies cry once at one of the really exciting times when everyone was cheering and making a ruckus. Haha, good times!

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