Sunday, April 30, 2006

Things I like about school:
  • meeting new people
  • learning new things
  • "celebrating" when tests are over
  • all my classes
  • not having to have a full-time job
Things I don't like about school:
  • studying for finals
Here's to still being young enough to recover from many days of little sleep while studying and waiting for Joshua to finish up his projects. Two more days!

Friday, April 28, 2006

special message

This is a special shout-out to our friend Wenfa Hu!

Wenfa, we love you and are so encouraged by your faith. You are a testimony of the Lord's goodness to all people and a testimony of how His truth changes lives. We have seen evidence in you of what Paul exclaims in 2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"
We are so excited that you can see our blog now and that we can share our lives with you. We pray that we will be able to live in such a way that we can say with Paul "
Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me--put it into practice." (Phil 4:9). You encourage us to walk by faith and live the Gospel out loud.
Brother, you are in our hearts and prayers.

To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy-- to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.
Jude 24-25

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a new trick

Joshua has been teaching Sammy a new trick. He found out that Sammy could do this stunt accidentally and then decided to turn it into a trick. Here is the play-by-play.

Sammy must have done this jump trick 10 times in a row for me to be able to get all the pictures we needed. I don't think Sammy minded, though, because he loves jumping up on Joshua. I was about to die laughing!

Those are my funny boys!
I sure do love them!

Monday, April 24, 2006

How to cure boredom

While studying for finals and finishing up the last set of papers and projects, all students know that boredom is sure to set in at some point. There are many ways to ease boredom through study breaks. One of our favorite study breaks is sword fighting in the back yard with sticks. So that is what we did Sunday afternoon when the restlessness became too much to handle.

The hardest part for us is keeping our swords away from Sammy, who likes to try to bite them and chew on them.
Sarah has become the champion. The object is to hit the opponent's legs with your sword without them hitting yours. We usually play best of 5. The trick is the lunge. You have to just throw yourself at your opponent. Who would have known that this is my sport? All these years I've been trying to get good at conventional sports. Self-discovery is a wonderful thing.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Live Latin Jazz

This story is from a couple weekends ago. I was looking around online for a community theater event for us to go to as a date night activity. After finding many prospects that were a bit on the expensive side, I was almost frustrated. Then I ran across the Rose Marine Theater. They were having a Live Latin Jazz concert that Saturday! Perfect timing! And student tickets were only $5. So I ordered the tickets and Saturday we headed over to Fort Worth. The concert was great! It was ina theater, with a big stage and room in front to dance. We sat at one of the tables set up by the stage. Most of the band were Puerto Ricans and the singer sang in English and Spanish. I was dying to dance but I knew we would only make fools of ourselves because we are not latin dancers. Then, in the middle of a song, the singer looked right at me and said "Come on, dance. You know you want to." Of course I did! But I was too self-conscious! So Joshua says "Let's dance." And we get up there and tried doing a little salsa. We had so much fun, even though I'm sure we looked pretty ridiculous.
After the show one of the ladies who was working the concession counter complimented us on our dancing. She said we looked really good and can dance well. We laughed and said thank you, but I'm sure she's a little crazy.
What a fabulous night. You can bet we will be going to the Rose Marine Theater again sometime.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Long Trip Home

After a great time in Kerrville this weekend we had the long drive back to Arlington Sunday afternoon with everyone else along I-35. We kept meeting with lots of traffic and had to stop-and-go for a while.

Joshua got a little tired after all the driving. He's really good at driving with his eyes closed, though, as long as the road keeps going straight forward. We decided to stop and get a Dr. Pepper before we ran into someone. (just kidding for anyone who is worried!)

At that point I got this Arizona Green Tea, which was pretty good. However, because I enjoyed it so quickly, I ended up having to use a really gross bathroom at some gas station. Note to self: drink slowly.

Finally we made it home safely and even found the Rosa's in Fort Worth to pick up dinner. All in all, it was a fun road trip. Hope you enjoyed the comentary.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Seefeldt Celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Aunt Jill's 50th birthday in Kerrville. Almost the whole family was there, including cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Here we are with Joshua's sister Laurie. She just got a new haircut and it's so cute!

On Friday night everyone came over to Jack and Jo Ann's house for hamburgers. On Saturday we went out to dinner with the whole family and then back to their house for cake and presents.
It turns out that all 4 Seefeldt siblings (of Jack's generation) have April birthdays. Jill is the youngest, so that was the last 50th until the next generation.
Here is Joshua with his cousin Wade. (Kind of looks like my brother, Matthew, doesn't he?) Wade is a junior in high school and is Jill's son. His older sister Jacquelyn is getting married in July.
So there is some Seefeldt family info.

Seefeldt Family

Here is the Seefeldt gang at the birthday party. Harold and Freda are sitting in the middle in chairs. They are the ones who started the whole thing! And here we all are, 50 some-odd years later! Right down to the great-grandkids.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Birthday Party!

Joshua's second cousin turned 2 this month. We got to go to her "Puppy dog" themed party this past weekend! It was so fun! Jordan is so adorable and loves to dance, so of course she has a special place in my heart! =)Here she is with "big Josh" next to the dog house her mom made for the party.
All of the kids took pictures in the dog house as part of their party favors. There was a puppy-dog cake, coloring sheets, gift bags, and get this--the sandwiches were in the shapes of bones and doggies. Everything was puppy dogs! The only thing missing was our puppy dog! =)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the ground

I love my classes at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary! They are so great! I am learning actual counseling skills in my counseling classes, which makes counseling seem so do-able for me. My human development class is the one that gets my head in the clouds. We discuss such interesting things about development and how we can minister to people at each stage of life. We discuss what churches can do better, what we as individuals can do to meet the needs of people in different stages, and what that looks like as a whole. I have realized how much of a dreamer/visionary I am when after each class I start thinking about how I can put into practice each principle we discussed. I start thinking "I wonder how our church does such-and-such? Maybe I need to tell them about this new idea. Maybe I should head up a new ministry in such-and-such." If I'm not careful, I'm going to drive my pastors crazy telling them all the ideas I have about ministry! =)

I am encouraged on a regular basis by the time I spend in classes. I learn something everyday and am excited about the time when I will start doing counseling. But even more than that, I am gaining information and knowledge that will serve for my lifetime, no matter where God leads us. It's so cool to see Him going before us and preparing the way. We will just continue to follow His path.