Monday, January 12, 2009

expected life

This week my daily planner and prayer journal highlights statistics from Russia. The literacy rate there is just above 99%. The life expectancy hovers at 59.19 years for males and 73.1 for females.

59 years

Wikipedia lists the CIA World Factbook on life expectancies by country. I scrolled through the list, with a high around 87 years to the low of 31.8 years.

31 years

Can you even begin to imagine?

As a counselor, my mind races through the developmental stages of human growth. They don't end at 30 years. I wonder what that means for their development and realize that not everyone has the luxury of taking their time to learn about themselves and life through years of experience.

And then my mind races through what that means spiritually. If you can only expect 31 years of life, there isn't time to put off questions of eternity, assuming you have the opportunity to consider questions of eternity. This means I need to pray for them to hear the truth of the gospel before their 30 years runs out. I need to pray that they would not put off decisions but have open hearts to receive.

There are so many things we can take for granted when we expect to live 70 or more years.

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