Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weather Woes

More crazy weather in the Metroplex. Yesterday American Airlines canceled something like 1000 flights. And this morning they canceled another 900. We have had massive wind and rainstorms the past couple of days.

Well, Josh was supposed to fly out to Monterrey, Mexico with the pastor and some guys from our church. But that didn't happen. One flight was canceled and they tried to get on another, only to have that one delayed and delayed and finally canceled. There are no other available flights this weekend.

So that's a disappointment. Now instead of being in Mexico eat tamales Josh is sitting in his Thursday night class. =(

But we trust that God has other plans and reasons why they did not need to go to Mexico.

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Melody said...

That is sad (and frustrating)! I hope they figure out another time when they can go.