Thursday, April 17, 2008

almost there

Once again we are in the final throws of the semester. And in more ways than one do I mean final. Joshua graduates in about 3 weeks! And I finish classwork in 3 weeks. The light is there...

But as everyone knows, that means that right now we are swamped getting everything done. Joshua is currently attending some architectural meeting in Dallas as an assignment for one of his classes. Then he has to head straight to his night class (late, of course) until 10pm. Long night. I am currently working on completing my professional portfolio. It's pretty much finished, but I'm being picky and re-doing parts to make it better.
I'm writing about things like:
  • an assessment of my development as a counselor
  • the relationship between theology and behavioral science
  • my mission statement for counseling
  • core assumptions (like how humans know what they know, what influences lack of well-being, etc)
  • and my overall view of counseling
It's a lot. And it feels good to have it almost finished.

Of course, I still have to read another book for theology and write a book review. And finish my paper on salvation. And prepare for my counseling session on Tuesday night.


It will be good to have the semester behind us.

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Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Matt finishes his coursework in August, and will graduate in December! I understand the joy of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Congratulations Sarah and Josh!