Friday, April 25, 2008


I've started running again. Last Friday I did about 2 miles (with some walking in the middle) and about the same over the next few days. Today I did 2.5 miles with no walking. Yes!

I haven't run in a while. I'm really not a runner. In the Fall of 2003 I was convinced by a friend to train for a half marathon. Before that time I hadn't run over a mile. Around the time that I was up to 10 miles in my training, a couple weeks before the race, I got tendinitis in my ankle and had to stop. I was really disappointed. I've tried to run off and on since then. Recently my knees hurt afterwards and I'm almost crippled if I don't ice them. Like I said, I'm not really a runner.

But I'm trying again. So we'll see how it goes.

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