Friday, April 18, 2008

Funny Disgusting Story

I totally forgot to tell you about this disgusting story. It happened several weeks ago.

On a Sunday night Josh and I had gotten back from our Perspectives class, so it was about 10pm. Josh went to check the mail (why on a Sunday night?). Our mailbox is right outside our front door on the wall. So he was leaning out the door checking the mail. All of a sudden I heard breaking branches and crashing noises and thought "Oh no, what is falling?"

Joshua jerks back inside as a loud "thump" hits the front sidewalk. I was thinking some branches were falling. But when Josh slammed the front door I knew it was something else. We cautiously opened the front door and there on the front walk, maybe 3 feet from us, are two possums tangled together. Nasty! One was biting at the neck of the other, both lying on their sides. I can see its nasty little face even now. I wanted to shut the door, but of course Joshua wanted to keep looking. We couldn't tell if they had been fighting and fell from the trees or if they were mating. But neither one was moving very much. And with the sound of the thump with which they hit the ground, I figured they were goners.

We did shut the door and turned off the porch light (so they wouldn't be attracted to it?) and finished getting stuff together downstairs. All the time I was wondering what we were going to do with two dead possums. Or, if they really were fighting, what are we going to do with the one that loses? Josh couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if they had fallen on his head!

Before heading upstairs to bed we checked outside one more time. Both possums were gone! The only trace of this disgusting encounter was a small tuft of fur that had come out of one of them. Unsolved Mystery.

(I guess it could be solved if we find baby possums soon)

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Melody said...

Haha- I'm so glad they did not fall on Josh's head! I imagine something like that could scar someone for life.