Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break

The rest of our Spring Break was spent right around here. We had a kind of 'lay-low' week, watched a couple of movies, tried to do homework. On Friday we went camping out at Ceder Hill state park. I had not ever been camping at a location like this - it was more like "park-and-camp" than what I imagine as camping. And there was a burn-ban in effect but there was a lot of rain Tuesday night so the hiking trails were closed due to mud. Talk about caught in the middle. So it wasn't necessarily a fantastic camping trip, but it was a nice time out of the house, enjoying the sun and no distractions.

On Saturday after we got back from camping we dyed Easter eggs with a lady from our church and two Taiwanese boys she knows. They are Buddhist, but their mom let them come to church for Easter Sunday to get to experience Easter. Pretty cool.

We spent Easter lunch with friends of mine from seminary. I have been in classes with the wife since coming to seminary and they invited us over for lunch. It was nice to get to share the holiday with someone.

And then Spring Break was over.

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