Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's in your bag?

Funny story:

On Friday Josh and I were exploring DC on our own while Kate stayed with our friend. So, of course, I was carrying the pump around since I was not going to be able to nurse her for several hours. We had it in the backpack. When we got to the National Archives building, we had to go through a set of metal detectors and put our backpack through an x-ray scanner. The operator called Josh over:

Man: What's in your bag?

Josh: It's a...pump...a breast pump.

Man looks at him puzzled: What?

Josh: My wife's breast pump. We have an infant at home.

Man: Okay. (Still looking at Josh like he's crazy)

Great times. Thank you Josh for handling that situation.

I wonder if that guy has told the story to anyone from his perspective.


Angela said...

Oh the joys of mommyhood! Praise Jesus for a hubby to speak for you in that nice and awkward situation!

Melody said...

Hilarious! Way to go, Josh for handling the awkward situation!

It looks like a fun trip~ love the picture of you and Kate amidst the pretty trees. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

That is so funny! When Conn and I went to Cabo back in Oct., I had to carry the pump with me in the carry on b/c we had long layovers in the airport. We went through many security stops, but never got asked anything. Thank goodness!!! Oh, how did you do pumping while sitting a a bathroom stall on a toilet? Fun times, I tell ya! Welcome to mommy hood. HA!! :)

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

that's awesome!