Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging with the Presidents

This past weekend we went on our first out of state family vacation with Kate. She is a great traveler! She did great on the plane rides and made friends with everyone she could. We went to visit friends living in Virginia and to go to Washington DC and see as much as we could. I had not been to DC before and neither of us had spent time in VA, so we were really excited.

First up, here are some pictures of our adventures in DC. Our friend, Ashleigh, kept Kate on Friday so Josh and I could run around DC. Of course, it rained on Friday, so we were wet and cold, but we had a blast!

First we visited Arlington Cemetery. (Probably more enjoyable on a sunny day)Here we are on the Mall with the Capitol behind us. Don't worry, we have much better pictures of the Capitol, I just wanted to catch the moment for you.

Then, we mostly hit up museums that day, running through the Smithsonian Art, Natural History, and American History. We also went to the Archives building where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (among other documents) are.

This was my favorite animal at the Natural History museum. Great expression!
The museums are fabulous and we could have easily spent a whole day in each one.

On Saturday we took Kate with us to see several monuments. While still overcast and cold, it was not raining, so it was a great day to have her with us.

Josh and Kate at the Lincoln Memorial

We loved the red and orange trees!

Lincoln memorial across the reflecting pool

At the White House. Kate was clearly impressed.

Washington Monument. You can see this thing from almost anywhere!

Our little traveler in her puppy dog jacket

We had a great two days in DC. I'll do another post about our time in Virginia.


Joe, Ash, Grayson and Hank said...

I REALLY love her expression in the White House picture!

Shell & Mike said...

Sounds like yall had a great time!! I need a vacation soon too!!! Miss ya Sarah!