Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I don't need help with THAT!

Those of you who know me know that I am usually on time, am organized with my schedule, and don't forget meetings or appointments.

This morning I called the doctor to set up an appointment for Kate to get checked-out before we go out of town tomorrow. She is getting over a cold and still has a cough, so I wanted to make sure she was developing anything else. When I called at 8:30 the office manager said they had a 9:40 or 10:40 appointment. Conversation:

me: Let's do 9:40

him: Okay, 9:40.

me: no wait, she might be napping then. I'll take the 10:40.

him: Okay, 10:40. We'll see you then.

me: Great, thanks.

So we show up at 10:40. When the nurse takes us to the room, she said "We were thinking something happened because your appointment was at 9:40." I told her about the conversation. But when the doctor came, I decided to just apologize for the confusion and not blame the office manager (even though our appt was for 10:40) since he's her husband. So I got to apologize for looking like a goof-up when I didn't even goof-up.

Really, don't I make a fool of myself enough without someone making me look like one? I don't need help with that area of my life.

I'm glad you can be my witness.

Oh, and the appointment went great and Kate is fine.

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