Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Birthday Invite

My friend Shelby has two boys, Aaron who is almost 4 and Caleb who is 1 1/2. Shelby called me yesterday to tell me a story about Aaron. His birthday is coming up and Shelby was talking with Aaron about who he wanted to invite to his party. He listed off a few of his friends and then said that some of Caleb's friends could come too.

"Like Haley?" Shelby asked.

"Yes," Aaron said, "and that baby with the puffy cheeks."

Shelby said he did know her name, just wanted to describe her first. I love it! I think it's funny, too, that Aaron considered her Caleb's friend, probably because she's a baby. I think that Aaron has actually played with her more than Caleb has, though.

So Kate is invited to Aaron's 4th birthday party. That baby with the puffy cheeks.


Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

So glad you think it's funny too! He repeated his invite list to Scott last night and was sure to include "that baby with the puffy cheeks." :)

Kristie said...

Ha ha...that's funny. I love it! :)

Autumn Beck said...

Super cute and pinchable puffy cheeks!

Shell & Mike said...

That's so cute!!!