Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween had a whole new excitement - dressing our baby up in a ridiculously cute costume! Kate and I went to a Halloween party on Friday afternoon and I've decided that we moms definitely need to have more costume party/playdates for the kids. It's so fun to see them dressed-up.
Friday evening there was a Fright Fest at the university in Kerrville and our adopted student, Allison, was working one of the booths. So we dressed Kate up again to go out there. There were lots of families there and Kate got "ooo-ed" at by tons of people. Successful venture.

Kate and Allison

On actual Halloween night we got 7 trick-or-treaters, which came in 3 groups. We had a friend and her baby girl over for dinner, watched a movie after Kate went to bed, and then got excited about getting an hour more of sleep...sort of. =) (Babies don't actually understand time changes.)


Shell & Mike said...

Her costume was sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

Melody said...

Love it! It does make the holidays more fun, sharing them again through your kids' eyes. :)