Thursday, February 12, 2009

34 weeks

We had another doctor's appointment today. She said everything looks good and Kate is measuring a good size. We are going to start weekly appointments now, which really makes it seem like we are moving along.

Kate still moves like crazy! She stays head-down, but she still moves from side to side, flipping over so she can kick my right side and then later my left. It will be interesting to see if this activity is any indication of her personality once she's born.

I'm still feeling good...just big. I remember a friend writing on her blog when she was pregnant with her third baby that you should not say "You look big" to a pregnant woman - you just say "You look great." (Now this was coming from a woman with a healthy self-image.) I remember at the time (long before I was pregnant) not really understanding that because I always thought it was cool and amazing how the body changes growing a baby. Now I understand. Even though I have not minded gaining weight or getting bigger, being pregnant you just FEEL big all the time. I can't fit between the cars parked in the garage unless they are as far apart as possible. I can't fit between the exercise machines to get to my machine unless I can use one on the end. I just feel big. And happy to be big if it means a healthy happy baby. But it's still nice when someone says "You look great."

Disclaimer: I'm not fishing for a compliment. Just a word of advice for anyone talking to pregnant women. =)


Shell & Mike said...

Sarah..."You look GREAT!" LOL....but for real....I know you might feel big....but you look pretty small to me for as far along as you are! =)

Melody said...

In all honesty, you truly do look great! I can see a twinkle in your eye, your skin looks perfect, your hair is shiny-- you seriously have a glow about you. I guess it comes with Mommyhood.

And I understand about you feeling big. Totally natural. I can remember literally bumping into everything because my body perception or something was off! Like I would not think twice about trying to "fit" somewhere, and then I wouldn't! Ha!

You look completely healthy, and that baby is going come out soon, and take all the "big" away... (well, except for the feeding machines, but I digress.)

You look GREAT!