Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in Kerrville, part 2

It's a jungle out here.

One of my weekly activities in Kerrville is going grocery shopping at HEB. Now, I am really glad we have an HEB. It's a great store. Apparently I'm not the only one who think so. It is always crowded. Some times of the day are worse than others, but the parking lot is always full and the store is crowded.

Going grocery shopping has become an adventure.

I am writing today to let you know that you do not need to feel sorry for the old people in Kerrville I write about. They know the laws of the jungle. It's about survival. Especially in HEB.

I used to feel bad for complaining about the traffic jams they caused in the aisles. I used to try to romanticize it all and think about how lovely it will be to still be grocery shopping with Josh at that age.

Today I almost got run down by a senior citizen and his shopping cart. We were at the end of an aisle, trying to move into the rows of cashier aisles. There were herds of people pushing carts across the way and they were not budging to let anyone out. I was trying to be kind and patient. An elderly man pulled up next to me, completely blocking the aisle to anyone who might want to enter, and began heading me off. I turned and looked directly at him, thinking that maybe then he would recognize me as a fellow shopper and not a product display. This was to no avail. He was going to get out into the main thoroughfare even if it meant running over my "great with child" body.

I actually am proud to say that I beat him out. I can play by jungle rules when necessary. I don't know what happened to the the jungle you can't look back.

HEB. It's a jungle. But don't worry, I can hang.

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