Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tulips from Josh

This year for Valentine's Day I really wanted to find a different way to share the love we have been so generously and freely given by God. We got a couple boxes of cute valentines at the grocery store...

...and visited a couple of nursing homes in Kerrville. At the first one we were able to actually visit the residents. The nurses made a list of the residents on their halls who normally don't get many visitors and who might like a visit from a random couple and we set out. A couple of the rooms we went to were sad as the resident was barely there and just seemed so sad and lonely. Other people were more talkative and eager to meet us. At the second home we just had to drop off the valentines to be distributed at dinner or something.

We had such a good time spreading love to the people we met and the nurses there at the homes. Many of the residents asked us where we were from or straight up asking why we had come. It's sad to know that they don't get random visitors very often and wonder why anyone would come see them.

It was good for us to get out and stop looking at ourselves and look after those around us.


Melody said...

You guys are awesome. I'm so glad you were able to make some lonely people feel considered and loved on Valentine's Day.

Shell & Mike said...

Sarah....That was soooooo sweet of yall. I wouldn't think of something like that in a million years. What a sweet, sweet thing to do!