Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun in...Centerville?

Yes, it is possible to have fun in Centerville, Texas! Haha!

This past weekend I met up with 3 friends I haven't seen in a while. We all used to work together in College Station and in 2005 each went our own ways. We've been able to meet up at two weddings since, one for Shelley and one for Tory, but it has been a while since Tory's wedding. Since we are all spread out over Texas we decided that Centerville was probably the most middle meeting point. Good thing we weren't looking for entertainment! =)

So here we are...standing in the wind. Not a great picture of us, but at least there was someone to take it for us.
Fortunately the food was pretty good. The service was not, but we weren't interested in a fine dining experience - we just wanted to see each other again.

My camera has this cool smile shutter function in which it won't take a picture after you push the shutter button until it registers a smile on the person's face. So here are lovely smiling pictures of my friends!
Time flew and soon we all had to say goodbye and get on the road again.
Shelley and I rode together, so we had more time to keep talking and sharing, which was so great.

Thanks ladies for a fun Saturday lunch. Thanks for sharing your lives and wanting to be a part of mine. Shelley, thanks again for driving! =) I love you girls!

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I had a great time! And thank you for listening while I talked your head off!! lol