Thursday, June 05, 2008

My first quarter Century

Yesterday I completed my first quarter century on earth. Yesterday was my 25th birthday! Yay! I had a great day and enjoyed many birthday wishes, cards, some ice cream, and gifts. One of my friends took me out for ice cream after our supervision at the school and Josh and I went to dinner yesterday evening. We might still do more celebrating this weekend...we are working on coordinating schedules and stuff.

Last night we also spent a while playing with one of my presents. My dad got me a new digital camera! The one we had, while still acceptable, is now 4 years old and is somewhat grumpy at times. Josh has had several occasions in which it would not turn on. Now we have a fancy new one! And this camera is amazing! Not only does it take beautiful pictures, but it has so many features for different lighting, focus, etc. Also, it has picture editing...right on the camera!
Here are some of the results:
(note: the pictures might look a little low-quality. That is because we used the down-sizing feature on the camera for easy emailing and uploading. We took the pics at 10 megapixles and then down-sized for the upload.)Okay, here we are in the first one. Yay for birthday!
Now, check out Josh's smile in this second one! There is a feature on the camera to enhance smiles! Isn't that hilarious! There is also a retro edit to the photo to give it that old-picture style with black around the edges.

Okay, now check out my smile enhancement!First, here I am, not smiling too widely.
But then....haha! Isn't that crazy! Do you like the blur-the-edges effect?

All of this was done on our camera! There is also a red-eye correction and several other blurring/editing effects. Another feature is the smile shutter. When you put that on, the camera will wait until a smile appears on the face of the person in focus and then it will take the picture. We played with that for a while, too. I sat on the couch with no smile, then would laugh quickly and it would take a picture! and another when I smiled again!

You can also play a slideshow on the camera with music of the pictures you have taken. I just can't believe all of this! So much fun! Just thought I would give everyone some laughs today!

Smile big....gottcha!


Melody said...

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The world is a sweeter place, having had you in it for a quarter of a century.

Second, that camera sounds A-MAZING! I love the smile enhancer effect! (Do you think it could possibly make Jesse look like he was smiling, since he rarely does in pictures? J/K) The black corners look pretty neat. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun 'playing' with your new toy.

Love ya, and hope your birthday was a fabulous as you are!

jfsong said...

The" camera sounds A-MAZING! I love the smile enhancer effect!"
I totally agree with you.

Tory said...

Hello! I'm Tory's sister and she told me to read your blog about the camera! I was just wondering what kind of camera it is :)