Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday Cookie Cake

At the church office they are famous for "scratch-out" messages on cookie cakes. For every birthday of a staff person we get a cookie cake for the staff on staff meeting days and there is always a message. No simple "Happy Birthday Joe" will do. It's always something creative, funny, sometimes has to do with a joke or something going on with the birthday person's life.

So this is the cookie cake for my birthday this year. I thought it was great! My pastor loves to call my clients "patients." He'll call me to talk about something for work and ask "How were the patients today?" I think he really wants to be one of my patients. =)


Anna said...

I love the new profile picture of you and Josh!

Melody said...

How sweet to get your own (designed-especially-for-you) birthday cake!

I think you are right; your pastor seems to want to be one of your patients. =)