Monday, June 02, 2008

Memphis Trip

Josh and I decided, on a whim, to go to Memphis for Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun! We decided on Memphis because we had never been there and found a great direct flight there.
This is at a park downtown. There was almost always some band set up playing. It was so fun to walk by, stop for a bit, and hear some live music.

This is a scene from downtown on Beale street. The buildings were all old and it had that quaint, old-town feel.
This is the first radio station that allowed Black men to be announcers.

Here we are with Elvis! He still looks good, huh?

This is us after dinner one night walking on Beale Street. This is where all the action happened. They block off the street at night so that it is one big pedestrian walkway. People just stroll up and down, getting something to drink, stopping to hear music. There were people set up playing on the corners, down alleys, and in almost all the restaurants. So fun!

We loved getting to hear music everywhere we went. We even danced in the street one time and danced on the patio of another restaurant.

On our first day there we went to the Rock n Soul Museum. It was a great museum and really helped us understand more of the history of soul and blues. It gave us an appreciation for Memphis and all the history that took place here. We got to hear about the greats like Elvis, BB King, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Green, and more.

We also went out to Graceland while we were there (Elvis' house). But we did not end up going on any of the tours. Just to tour the mansion it would have cost us $50! We were not that interested. So instead we found a pop-up book of the Presley mansion and took our "tour" that way! =) We got to see lots of pictures in the gift shops, see his planes, one of his cars, some of his jumpsuits, and a few of his suits. Pretty crazy how much of a theme park it is. Oh, and we did go in Heartbreak Hotel, which was pretty much just bright and bold with Elvis' face everywhere. =)

I'll put a few more pictures on the next post and what else we did.

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