Monday, October 02, 2006

Fun with cameras

So when it's just the two of you, taking pictures that you are both in gets kind of tricky. Joshua has gotten pretty good at the "hold it out with one arm" approach, but you don't get much of the background that way. The auto-delay is the way to go if you have a place to set the camera. Of course, that too can be tricky...

Here we had set the auto-delay but didn't quite make it to the bench on time!
We were trying to take some nice black&whites at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth.

But every now and then you get a nice shot.

Thanks for joining us for "Fun with Cameras" starring the Seefeldts. Stay tuned for more adventures!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures -- Good job!!!

For this one and the previous one -- Patience, Perseverance and prayer !!! DAD

one side note -- you might remove the s word at the end of the pictures --- God Bless

Anonymous said...

Excellent images.

The black and white pictures arouse my unusual thoughts. In fact, your pictures are always impressing me, and surprising me.

Shell & Mike said...

That's such a cute picture of yall! Thanks for sharing Sarah! =)