Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yawn from the land of studying

Excuse my yawning. It's almost 10pm and I'm waiting for Joshua to call to say that he's on his way home from his mid-term. Tomorrow his project is due in his architecture class, so we've had some long studying-and-project-building days.
My workload isn't terrible this week, but I have several projects hanging over my head that need to be done sometime. I just can't seem to get motivated at 9:30pm. I'm not a late night person. So instead I try to come up with other things I need to do that don't require much concentration. Usually that involves checking up on other blogs (not a very good use of time sometimes!), writing overdue emails, or organizing things for the next day.
Tonight, however, I picked up a book that I hadn't read in a while. Reviving Ophelia is a book about counseling adolescent girls. It is very engaging - even for those who are not aspiring to be counselors - and gives a very intimate look at the struggles girls face (such as eating disorders, cutting addictions, drugs, and other family struggles). I highly recommend it to anyone who has any sort of contact with adolescent girls.
Well, I just got the call. Joshua is on his way home. Time to look like I've been productive! =)

Peace out!


Laura said...

Hey ya'll - I don't know if you remember us (Danny and Laura Stiller - formerly Laura Reeder). You did Camp Agape with us a few years ago - actually I left to go to Austria, but helped in the preparation stage. Anyways - I found your blog somehow and have enjoyed keeping up with ya'll at seminary and grad school.

I have read "Reviving Ophelia" and did find it very interesting - even though I am very much not going to be a counselor. I enjoyed reading it though, especially when I was working with TruLife and with girls who struggled through alot of issues.

Anyways - hope you're having a great fall!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so awesome keeping up with school demands, work, "real life," your home, your marriage, your friendships... and the amazing, the incredible super dog! Con tanto respeto y con mucho cariƱo...M&P