Thursday, October 26, 2006

A peek into the land of statistics...

A professor asked his research students to rate (anonymously) how well they liked statistics.
The results were:
Males Females
5.25 4.37
s 6.57 7.55
n 12 31
a. State the research hypothesis
b. State the null hypothesis
c. Compute the standard error of difference
d. Compute t
e. Determine critical value (α=0.01)
f. Compare
g. Decide
h. Translate into English

A sample mean on an attitude scale equals 3.3 with a standard deviation of 0.5. There
were 16 people tested in the group. Test the hypothesis: “The group will score significantly
higher than 3.0 on attitude X.” (Use =0.01)
A. State the statistical hypothesis.
B. Compute the proper statistic to answer the question. (con't)
C. Test the statistic with the appropriate table.
D. State your conclusion.
E. Establish a 99% confidence interval about the sample mean. (Careful here...)

AHHH! I just want to counsel people! I don't want to crunch numbers! *sigh* I will trust there is benefit in me spending precious time punching numbers into a calculator...

Better get back to work...

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Alisha said...

i hear ya..sometimes i feel like im a business concentration and not an education one....