Thursday, October 12, 2006

A visitor!

Joshua's sister Laurie came to visit us last weekend! Yay! We had a great time dragging her around to different activities. She got to help us help some friends of ours load up a moving van, then we watch part of the tu game at our pastor's house. Then we went to their aunt's house for dinner with Aunt Jerry, cousin Camille, her husband Matt and their daughter Jordan. The food was delicious and Jordan is a hoot! I mean it! We had so much fun with her!
Yes, folks, that is Jordan's pink bow in Josh's hair!

Jordan has a cousin also named Josh (I guess we are her 2nd cousins?) so she calls my Josh "big Josh." It was so funny to hear all night "Big Josh" this and "Big Josh come here" and stuff.

Yay for family! Thanks for visiting us, Laurie!

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russ said...

Lil' Josh and Emory are sad they missed out on the fun visit. See you soon, though.