Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Reunion

While we were in Egypt Josh's parents took care of our dog Sammy for us. That was a huge blessing because he got to play with their dog Gracie, run around, and be with people who loved him. He also got spoiled and slept in the bed with Josh's aunt and uncle. Haha.

But that also meant that I was without my dog for about 4 weeks. They took him home with them Monday before we left for our trip on Friday and then we were gone for 2 weeks and then we couldn't go get him until the following weekend. I missed my dog! Reunited again!
I was kind of wondering if he would even want to go back home with us. At home he doesn't have a yard or any other dog to play with. But as we were packing up the truck to leave, he jumped in the front seat and wouldn't get out! We weren't even leaving yet, but he did not want to get left behind. He had to get him out of the truck several times.

So, I guess he missed us too.

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