Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Project

During our second week in Egypt the team worked on designing a conference center and school for handicapped children. This was a complicated project and the team worked very hard (and long hours). They did a great job! The teachers and leaders of the existing school were happy with the concept and everyone seemed satisfied with how things worked out.

While the architects and engineers were busy at work, I got to play with kids at the preschool! They were so great! This is one little friend that I made there. He didn't want to eat his lunch even when his teacher fed him. So I took the fork and attempted...and he ate his lunch from me! Such a sweet little boy!
I also got to go briefly to a girl's orphanage one afternoon for one hour. It was not nearly long enough to really play with the girls, but I was having a hard time talking with them with my lack of Arabic. But they understood my smiles and we could say "I love you" to each other in English.

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