Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun in Egypt

Being in Egypt for 2 weeks means that we have lots of stories and did lots of things! There is no way I could put up everything! So here are some other fun, random (or just not otherwise categorized) things that happened...

On Sunday we went to a church service. Right before leaving for the service our trip leader told us that the pastor asked if someone from our team would sing a song for the service. Randy, our trip leader, thought of me and asked me to do so. One of the engineers agreed to accompany me on piano, so we hurriedly practiced Amazing Grace and went for it. It went well and I really enjoyed doing it. The pastor asked for us to sing again that night. I had even more fun at the night service, singing Here I am to Worship and really getting to worship.We had been dying to get in the water there in Alexandria. So here we are on our last night there finally putting our feet in the Mediterranean!After shopping and playing on the beach, we passed a barber shop that was still open at 12:15 am. So we decided to get Josh's hair cut. The guy did a great job and while we waited on Josh they served us hibiscus juice. How lovely! And the haircut and tip was a grand total of about $3.50.
Kelly and I really wanted to learn how to cook something Egyptian. So our new friend Nabila, the wife of one of that pastors, agreed to teach us how to make koshery, a very typical Egyptian dish. She loved getting to teach us and we loved learning!We fed the team one night and it was a big hit! Yay!

We met a woman who runs a beauty salon. She came over one day to hang out with the ladies and she did henna for us! She is such an artist! It was so fun!Here I am getting my pedicure . She really went after my feet! And it tickled!Definitely one of the best parts of the trip was building relationships with the team. We had a team of incredible people. We enjoyed spending time with everyone. I miss them and find myself wanting to call people up just to say "Hey, so what have you been up to today?"

Here are some memories we made with our teammates:

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Melody said...

Oh my goodness, you have totally inspired me. I want to be a part of a team and go somewhere cool! I loved all the stories and pictures, and I'm so glad you and Josh were able to be a part of God's work in Egypt. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!