Monday, September 29, 2008

Pregnancy update

I am now 15 weeks pregnant, which means that my first trimester nausea is over, I'm not AS tired as I used to be (though I am a little tired still), and I'm starting to show a wee bit. Other people don't notice yet, but I certainly do. Especially when Friday I stopped being able to button my pants! I've started doing the rubber band trick on my jeans and have bought a bella band or tummy sleeve for my dress pants. I am currently wearing the one pair of slacks that still button - because they were big on me to begin with!

One of the weirdest thing about pregnancy for me so far has been the food aversions. I haven't had major cravings (except for wanting mac 'n' cheese for lunch today...weird) but I have had a few aversions. For one, salad. Why salad? I love salad and before being pregnant was eating salads everyday. Now, making one at home makes me sick. I have been able to eat a few in a restaurant, though. Another weird aversion has been humus. Before pregnancy I would make big bowls of humus and eat it all the time. Now the thought of it makes me nauseous. Veggies are not high on the list of foods I enjoy right now, though I am able to eat stir-fry veggies. I dunno, it's weird.

As for the baby, supposedly he or she is about 4 inches, or about the size of an apple. And you can now tell if baby is a he or she. But we won't get to find out for probably another 4-5 weeks. They say that baby can also sense light now. It's amazing! To think of this little baby inside of me who can move, sense light, and is starting to move amniotic fluid through the respiratory tract. And I can't feel anything and many people can't even see the baby bump yet! It's all such a miracle!
There it is! That's my bump! Baby Seefeldt is growing!


Beth Anne said...

Sarah I am so excited for you guys! I love the little bump. Unfortunately in a small town they dont sell the belly band, but I am using the rubberband trick. Congrats again!

Ashley McWhorter said...

YEA!!!!! That is so wonderful! Conn and I are so excited for you both. Can't wait to watch your little bump grow. :)

Even after 3, I still have weird food issues. One of the funny ones, is that I can't eat or stand the smell of the grilled chicken and Skeeter's. Weird!

Let me know if you ever need any advice or pointers. Would love to help out any way that I can.

Talk with you soon!!!!!!

Melody said...

Hooray for a bump! So fun.

The rubber band trick works great, and with a lot of shirts looking like maternity shirts (cinched higher with a flowy bottom), you can definitely get away with wearing normal clothes a little longer if need be.

I'm so glad the nausea is starting to diminish some for you. As for being tired, I think God does that so you can rest up now, before the baby comes, because we all know you cant afterwards! Not to mention the whole, body growing a baby thing, might be exhausting to the, its all a GREAT excuse for a nap!

Shell & Mike said...

Thanks for the update Sarah. I am happy to hear that all is well for you & the baby. =)

Kristie said...

Hi Baby Seefeldt!

And hi Mommy!