Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whirlwind week

It has been one of those weeks that is over before you even realized you got started. Last weekend was fun and exciting - and busy. I crashed on Sunday afternoon on the couch for a couple of hours - and I rarely do that. Monday we hit the ground running. Joshua started back to work full-time and I began juggling my job at the church and two internships and all the other things I usually do - cooking, errands, cleaning (in theory).

Monday was long as I first had a client in the morning and then tried to finish planning for my church event Wednesday evening. Tuesday I had to go back into the office to try to finish everything (which did not happen) and then spent all afternoon seeing clients. When I got home that night I still have stuff to type and print for the Wednesday night event. Wednesday morning I went over to the women's shelter counseling center in the morning to start my long training process. It was a little overwhelming to see how much training I had to do before I could start seeing clients. Then I had to rush over to school for my supervision class there, only to be told how much work is expected of me for that class. I was already starting to feel the beginnings of a cold, so I was feeling wiped and overwhelmed. However I had gotten a couple of phone calls about my event that night that I had to scramble to figure out. I tried to take a quick nap when I got home to be refreshed for that night, only to be bombarded with phone calls. Wednesday night we didn't get home until 11pm after my event - which did go well by the way. Thursday I spent ALL day at the women's shelter counseling center trying to get this training done. Friday I woke up feeling sick and yet still needing to go back to the WSCC to work on that training.

Last night I couldn't sleep due to feeling sick and having so much on my mind. Today I have done pretty much nothing - I had to miss a friend's baby shower and lunch plans with other friends because I need to rest and really didn't feel like getting up. It's just a cold, but this cold has knocked me out. The worst is that I can't sleep very well. Grr. I hate being sick because it wastes time.

I read that cherries are a natural source of melatonin, which helps you sleep. So I might be getting some cherry juice for tonight.

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