Saturday, May 03, 2008

He's almost graduating!

Since Josh graduates in less than a week, we decided to take his graduation robe and hood out of their packages today. We had many laughs, however, when he tried it on. The robes for Master's graduates are a little different - and weirder - than undergraduate robes. The sleeves have strange hanging down points. And for graduate degrees you also wear a hood. The hood is strange too and Joshua had trouble figuring it out.
Me: Honey, you know those don't go on your head, right?
Josh: But it could!

For those of you who have seen that black and white visual allusion picture in which you can see either a young woman looking away or an old woman with a big nose, doesn't Josh look eerily like the old woman? =)

This is the one that has kept me laughing. It is so funny! Josh's hands are in the weird pointy-hangy parts of the sleeves.

We'll just call it "Graduate victory dance."

It's been a pretty entertaining Saturday!

Don't worry - he will look very professional and distinguished next Friday at the graduation ceremony. (But we know the real Josh!) heehee!

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Melody said...

These pictures made me laugh. And yes, I see what you mean about the second picture...haha.

Congrats, Josh!! So close...!!