Monday, May 05, 2008


I'm bummed. I broke one of our crystal pitchers we got for our wedding. I know it's just a "thing" and that it's not important in the long run. I know that the good news is no one got hurt. It's just frustrating, you know?

I had washed it and set it on the counter to dry. I knew it was a slightly precarious position, so I was planning on moving it. But then Joshua got home from renting a movie and I was trying to heat up the pasta sauce, get the veggies out of the skillet, drain the pasta, get everything on the plates, and get into the living room so our food wouldn't get cold before we could eat it. I totally forgot about the pitcher...until we heard the crash.

That's what's even more frustrating. It was out of stupidity. It didn't break because I was saving a child from touching a hot stove or putting out a kitchen fire or frantically binding a cut finger. Nope. I was just dumb. Grrr.

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Melody said...


At least you were preoccupied with veggies! It could have been chocolate brownies or something, and then you could have felt bad.

I'm sorry your pitcher broke. It is frustrating, for sure.