Friday, May 16, 2008

He did it!

Joshua is officially a graduate - twice! He has now graduated with his Master in Architecture. I'm so proud of him! He did an amazing job getting this degree in two years while working for an architecture firm here in Arlington. He made great grades, completed all projects, missed very few classes, and got several job offers along the way. Joshua has a God-given ability in architecture and it shows in his work. He has also excelled at his job and has been given promotions (more responsibilities) several times over these two years. His bosses of course want him to stay and are trying to get him to commit for as long as they can keep him there.Here he is getting his hood, a recognition of being a graduate degree candidate.

Last Friday Joshua graduated from UT Arlington. Our families came up for the event. We had the graduation and then a celebration dinner all together. I think we had about 16 people at the restaurant! So fun! On Saturday morning I planned a graduation party for friends from our church to get to celebrate with us. A lady from our church hosted the party and made delicious waffles! It was fun getting to show everyone Josh's work and letting our families meet some of our friends.Here we are with Josh's parents.

Congratulations to Joshua!

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