Monday, February 25, 2008

Quite a weekend

This weekend started out by us offering to keep our friend's maltese dog named Pria. Little did we realize how "yappy" little dogs really are. She's a very cute little dog and very friendly, but she "talks" non-stop. No kidding. Even when all the lights are out and Sammy is sleeping and we are trying to sleep. Pria lies there on her bed going "yap..yap.......yapyap" until Josh turns on a fan just to drown her out. She's not even barking at anything! Just talking. Poor Josh couldn't sleep very well. As far as Sammy goes, he tolerated her but they are definitely not buddies.

On Saturday we visited a Hare Krishna temple with people from our Perspectives course. This is a religion from India, basically a branch of Hinduism. It was a very interesting experience. They have 7 worship ceremonies at the temple each day and devotees (Krishna followers) are supposed to pray a chant-type prayer a thousand times a day. It was sad for us to think about the bondage they are in striving after an idol, repeating chants over and over hoping to draw close to this god.

We went to an Indian food restaurant for dinner afterwards which was delicious! For dessert there was mango pudding and rice pudding. I have to say I loved them both! The mango pudding was bright orange and I was a little nervous about trying it, but after one bit I wanted a gallon to take home with me. =)

On Sunday...
Well, I'll tell you about that famous person later...

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Melody said...

AH! You are leaving us hanging! I gotta know about Sunday! :)