Thursday, February 28, 2008

About Sunday

Okay, I'll end the suspense! But I did have fun with it. =)

Background: Our church currently meets at a community center in Arlington. We do not have a building and are renting the space. So occasionally during the year we have voting booths partly blocking the children's "wing" or other clubs coming in to meet right after us. So, I got a text message on Saturday night from the office manager/ministry coordinator at our church. She was letting us know that Bill Clinton was having a rally on Sunday morning at the park by this community center. The streets were going to be blocked off at parts of the park, there were going to be people everywhere, parking would be a mess, secret service would be around, and we were still having service.
We pulled up Sunday morning and sure enough it was a madhouse. The parking lots were almost full and there were policemen directly traffic. People were lined up in the park waiting for Bill and police were everywhere watching. Inside the building was no better. It was an early voting weekend so the voting booths were up, which meant we had to be careful with the flow of parents and kids going to kids' church. Throughout the morning we had several people coming into the building looking for the rally. There was even one secret service guy who was lost looking for the rally.
The really cool thing was that several people came to our church service because they were already there. We saw them with their campaign signs sitting through the service. And I know that people who were voting got to hear the worship songs proclaiming the goodness of our God. Talk about a testimony. Pretty cool. Those are the times when I am glad we are in a public place where we can share through our worship who He is.

So, did Josh and I get to see Bill. No. But our friend did. Did we vote early? Yes. Did we vote for Hillary? My parents taught me to not tell who you voted for...but you can probably guess.

That's the Sunday story.

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