Friday, February 22, 2008

Quick school update. Not that anyone is really interested, I'm sure, but this way I have something to post. This week I have hardly done anything but school.

I am currently in the middle of a group project for my counseling practicum. We have to do a presentation about anger. (The irony is beautiful since group projects usually get me pretty angry.) We are to present a biblical view of anger and explain how to counsel someone in anger management type of stuff. It's been pretty interesting. One thing that was interesting was to find that anger is talked about in the Bible as much as love. Anger is one of God's attributes which means it is not a sin in itself because God is holy. Rather, our responses in anger are what causes problems. In regards to human anger the Bible usually cautions against it, since we often have selfish aims or see the situation incompletely and respond in anger. However, anger can be helpful when it motivates us against injustice. But be slow to anger, recognizing that our anger does not accomplish the things of God (James 1:19-20).

So, I'm writing a short paper about this. On Saturday we are getting together to record an example of a counseling session. Should be interesting. We have it totally scripted. haha - and our "clients" are pretty much model clients. We present on Tuesday and then this thing is over. Yay.

If you have any questions about anger, I'm your girl.

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Melody said...

Actually, this is very interesting to me. I did not realize that anger was an attribute of God...makes sense, now that I think about it. You are so right about how our reaction to anger can lead us into sin. And I can see how a group project could easily lead to anger... and thus the downward spiral begins! haha.

I'm sure you will actually end up counseling a lot of people whose root issue is anger, so learn up!

Feel free to share your knowledge, so the rest of us can be smarter (and better people) too. :)