Saturday, July 25, 2009

5 years

Happy 5 year anniversary to us! (Yesterday)July 24, 2004
(I was too lazy to hook up our scanner, so I took a picture of this picture on my desk. It looks like it's a really old photograph or something! haha!)

It has been a good - and busy - five years. Josh and I were thinking about all that has gone on in these years. Here are some things we came up with:

In 5 years:
- we have lived in 4 different cities with 5 different home addresses
- we have traveled to 5 countries, 1 of them several times
- we have visited about 30 cities (domestic and international)
- between the two of us we have had 7 jobs and 3 non-paying internships
- and we have made two additions to our family: one wonder-dog and one amazing baby!

What an adventure it's been so far!

Can't wait to see what the next 5 years hold.


The Hazels said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!!! What a great picture!!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

OK. How did I not know that Lily was born on your wedding day? So crazy!! Congratulations to you both!! A lot can change in 5 more years. I mean, look at us! HA!!! :)

Donald and Angela said...

Happy Anniversary! And, I think that old-looking pictures are the coolest anniversary pictures :) Congrats! What wonderful changes in 5 years!

The Harley Home said...

You know what is amazing? You and Josh look EXACTLY the same now as you did five years ago! How can so many things change but your looks?