Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still here

There has not been a whole lot to report, which is why I haven't blogged in a while. We are still waiting on little Kate to appear. She is officially due in one week from today. The doctor says everything looks good and we are progressing a little, so that's hopeful. Practice contractions have woken me up at night, so I'm pretty sure my body knows what to do when it's time.

In anticipation of our major life change, Josh and I have been spending time together doing more spontaneous, rather than our usually scheduled, activities. Yesterday evening we decided on a whim to drive to San Antonio to go to Target and eat at Chick-fil-A. May sound normal or boring to you, but when you live in a town without these common establishments, it's kind of fun! We've been eating out more also in anticipation of being more reclusive right after our addition.

It's been funny hearing the "advice" people give you on how to go into labor. Let's see, I've heard: eat Mexican food, eat spicy food, eat Mexican food on a full moon night, have sex, eat chili, walk, jump on a trampoline, and go shopping. Whenever I do go into labor, I'll have to remember whatever it was I did right before and that will be my advice. Maybe it will be "update your blog." Haha.

What I am doing is trying to keep myself busy so I'm not twiddling my thumbs. I have sort of started getting involved with the pregnancy center in Kerrville and I am doing a project for them right now. I don't think I've ever cleaned house as much as I have the past week. I want to make sure things are clean if we have to rush off and someone else has to come over to the house. And I do go walking every day.

I'll try to think of a funny story to post later. Feel free to share your "advice" on labor instigators. =)


Kristie said...

So exciting! Kate's almost here! :) I'm praying that you guys are enjoying your last moments as a family of two.

Anna said...

Oh, the lovely waiting game. Gotta love how our kiddos like to come when they are ready, not when we try all these crazy remedies!:) Soon, and very soon!

Melody said...

I have been checking in several times a day, wondering if Kate has made her debut! Yeah, the walking thing...tried that for hours. And hours. And hours. Apparently, for us, shopping at Walmart did the trick. Here is hoping that blogging does the trick for you!

Stay patient- she'll be here before you know it. And then you'll be wishing for the down time! Ha! (J/K)

Love you guys!