Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little perspective, please

As I'm nearing the end of carrying Kate in my womb, time seems to drag on. So I thought I'd look up the gestation period of animals for a little comparison. (Not to say that a human baby is the same as an animal baby, but just to see what animals go through.)

Here are a few:
elephant - 645 days, (that's almost 2 years!)
beaver - 122 days,
domestic cat -61 days, (2 months!)
domestic dog - 64 days, (again!)
kangaroo - 42 days, (wow! but I guess then they use the pouch)
horse - 336 days,
mouse - 19 days, (we don't even know we're pregnant at that point!)
whale - 490 days,
zebra - 365 days

Whales and elephants take the cake! I guess if you're growing something that big it takes a while. Horses and Zebras aren't far behind...around 100 days longer than humans.

Ah, well, interesting information. Here's a visual of me at 39 weeks.

Kate's getting too big for her home...time to come out!


Joe, Ash and Hank said...

Wow! You look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see Kate!

Ross and Ashley Pagenkopf said...

You do look gorgeous and the room is gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing the news of Kate being here!!! I love reading all the things that are going through your mind right now! It is such a blessing when we don't get to visit often! Love you!

Melody said...

You are so cute, and I loved the perspective. Hang in there. Kate will be ready to come out and play soon!

Kristie said...

I love the baby belly! Precious!