Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Last Road Trip

Josh and I went to Arlington this past weekend for a wedding, in which Josh was a groomsman. It was so good to be able to see some friends again, though it was a whirlwind of a weekend. (We also took advantage of being in the same town as a Target and Babies-R-Us to finish up our shopping for Kate.) We also got to go to our church again on Sunday morning. What a blessing to worship with that church family again. We had lunch afterwards with couples from our small group and it was so good and so normal to hang out with them again.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast! Josh and I danced the night away, though a few of my moves were a bit modified due to differences in mobility and balance since the last time I dances. In fact, while doing "the Twist," I started doubting I would be able to get myself back up after twisting real low. =) And my heart rate jumps up a lot faster these days, leaving me a bit breathless. It was so fun though! One friend from the reception said it was inspiring to see Josh and me out there dancing at 8 months pregnant. Glad we could make a difference in someone's life.
The lovely Mr. and Mrs. Tucker

Slowing down for a romantic slow dance - looking a bit large in the profile.

Twisting with Jonah - that kid can dance!

So the weekend was great, but the road trip was not so great. I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time. We had to stop a few times just so I could get out and try to stretch a little. I'm not up for any more road trips before Kate comes into the world. Although it's a lot easier caring for her right now, it's not easy road tripping with her. =)

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