Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sarah's Last "Newcomer's"

Last night there were about 20 people meeting in a living room of one of the families from our church. Half of them were interested in "partnering" and joining Connect. Sarah and our pastor Mark worked together to share with them the vision and passion and organization of our church and how they can be apart. We then had some delicious pie and ice cream and talked for a while.

This is a brief overview of a "Newcomers Class" at Connect Church. It is actually much more exciting and interactive than my stale description.

Organizing and planning this event has been one of Sarah's many responsibilites of her job at our church and she has done an amazing job the past few years. This is an important first step in many families and individuals spiritual lives. Many who come to these classes haven't been to church in years and just showing up is a big deal. Sarah has done an amazing job of calling strangers and lovingly inviting, welcoming, and hosting them. She has helped direct the event to involve many from our church and give them the opportunity to initiate relationships and share the Gospel with people that have been led to our church. It has been amazing to see her use her personality, spirit, and gifts in teamwork with our church staff to join with Christ in pursuing and loving people for his Kingdom. Since we are moving soon, last night was her last class and she has been passing off her resposibilites to others. I just wanted to make sure yall knew how awesome of a job she did.


Shell & Mike said...

That was very sweet Josh. I know Sarah...and I know that she works hard at all she does. She has alot to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

Steve said...

It's neat to see how God has used Sarah in this ministry of making people feel welcome in the fellowship of believers. Our prayers are with y'all as you get ready for changes coming up.