Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mall

I don't often go to the mall. But I did go yesterday. Here is my summary:

1. Standing in line in the ladies' restroom in Barnes and Noble was a little bit too much of "scary future reality" experience for me. Listening to a mother talk with her small child in the stall about poop, where it comes from, and what they are going to do with it, while changing the child into new clothes (I think) and watching the other child dancing around with paper towels, was more than I wanted to think about right now. Pregnant women still in the glow of having their first child shouldn't have to see public restroom reality with 2 children. Especially when that pregnant woman has a full bladder (making her impatient) and a heightened sense of smell (making this bathroom a highly unenjoyable place).

2. When trying on tops or dresses that slip on over your head, if you are met with resistance from the article of clothing trying to get it on, do not proceed to get it on. Inevitably, there will be more resistance trying to get it off, leading to a situation in which you might get pretty close to getting stuck and start worrying you will have to get the store attendant to help you out. If by some chance you do have this experience, don't repeat it.

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Shell & Mike said...

That is too funny. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!!!