Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pilates and Baby

At the public library I found a Prenatal Pilates DVD workout. How cool is that? The instructor must be 8 months pregnant because her tummy is very big but the rest of her body is still looking toned. Inspiration! The workouts are 10 minutes each, so I can totally do one a day. Some of the exercises are modified to accommodate baby, support the back, and not lie on your stomach. And the instructor asks how baby is doing during the workout! Haha! The thighs and butt workout kicked my butt! I only thought I was in shape! =)

Baby Seefeldt is doing well. I'm 19 weeks along. One book said baby is about the size of a large mango. How cute...Mango Baby! Li'l Seef is moving around a bit now...especially when I'm sitting still counseling and trying to concentrate on what my client is saying. I don't feel movements all the time yet but I have been feeling little ones for a couple weeks now. I still feel good and have quite the healthy appetite! I have heard that baby can hear me now, so I try to sing a little and talk to baby when I'm at the house. I'll try to practice my Arabic out loud so that baby has a head-start on becoming trilingual.

I don't have an updated picture for this week. Maybe we'll take one tonight. Two more weeks until we will try to find out blue or pink!


Ashley McWhorter said...

A great website is
Even thought this is our third, I still love looking up the babies info every week. :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh...once at the website, scroll down until you see "Tools" on the left hand side. Click on that and enter your info. that it asks for. It gives you day by day updates, and you can click on your trimester and it is more detailed info. with cool ultrasound pics. :)