Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not a Good Surprise

Now that I finally got my camera cable and was able to upload my pictures, let me do some picture updating from last week.

We have a relationship with our landlord that is basically "you don't bother us and we won't bother you." We send the check every month and unless there is some problem, we don't talk to him. This relationship usually works fine. Until last week.

Now, I'm a girl who likes her share of good surprises. A good surprise could be something like "here's a flower, I was thinking of you" or "Surprise, I got you that book you've been wanting" or "Let's go out tonight" or a call from a friend or a visit from a loved one. A good surprise is not usually "Surprise, you are getting a new"

Yes, that is what happened to us. Expect no one told us we were getting a new roof. One morning around 7:30 we started hearing stomping and pounding on our roof and sure enough, there was a crew getting to work. Not only were we having the shingles replaced, but the entire roof - they tore up the plywood under the shingles so that when you opened our attic, you saw sky.

Again, not that we knew any of this was going to happen. We did not know that our back porch would be littered with shingle paper, wood scraps, nails, etc. We did not know that anything stored in the attic would be covered in debris. We did not know that this would greet us if we tried to open the front door:

As you can imagine, I was not a happy renter. Fortunately for our landlord, I let Josh call him and mention that we would have appreciated knowing about this little home improvement project before it was started. I think he mumbled some sort of apology and made some lame excuses. I was not satisfied.

But we now have a new roof.

The moral of this story is: replacing a roof is not a good surprise to throw on someone.

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