Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who is that cute couple?

Our neighbors had a Halloween party this past weekend. Costumes were a must so we borrowed Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes from a friend.We decided to mix things up a little bit...
Here are our neighbors in costume. They normally look nothing like this. Interesting.

So we hung out at the party for a little while and then went back next door to go to bed. We felt kind of lame going home while there was a party next door, but we had an early morning at church the next day.

That was the extent of our Halloween celebrations!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends are great!

This past Thursday Josh went down to Austin to attend the architecture convention. His parents were there attending, too, as was most of his dad's firm. So Josh got to hang out with all of them and do nerdy architecture stuff! =)

Thursday night I went to dinner with some friends from seminary to celebrate our friend Melanie's birthday. We surprised her at the restaurant. It was so fun. We got to tell nerdy counseling jokes.This is not a great picture of either of us, but this is my friend Melanie.

On Friday, my co-counselor Anna took me to lunch at Mimi's Cafe, a restaurant she enjoys that she thought I would like. We had a really good time together and the food was delicious.
This is my co-counselor Anna. She is from South Korea and has been here at seminary for 2 years. She encourages and challenges me in my spiritual walk. We have fun together and share lots of cultural things.
This is Mimi's. Inside it is decorated like a European cafe. Very fun. Maybe these restaurants are all over, I don't know.

Josh got home on Saturday and had lots of things to share with me about the weekend. So we took some time to relax on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon before plunging back into school stuff.

Right now I'm working on a book evaluation due Friday. Josh had a test and homework due yesterday. Viva grad school!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Celebration

This weekend we went down to Houston to visit my parents and celebrate Joshua's 25th birthday. We enjoyed our time relaxing and visiting with my parents. Sammy got to run around in their backyard and we got to sleep in a little. And we were finally able to sit down to watch an Aggie football game...only to be severely disappointed. I hope the team practices hard this week so we don't have another poor showing like that.Sammy loves to sit in my mom's lap! He's such a spoiled dog! Do you like the tropical background? =)

On Saturday my friend from high school AC got to come over and eat with us. It was good to catch up with her about what she is doing and to laugh about some old times in high school.

Finally, we got to see the family that I used to babysit for back in high school. When I first started babysitting them, Robert was just turning 3 years old. Now he's in 4th grade, riding his bike to school, playing soccer...I can't believe it! And Rachael is almost taller than me and is in junior high. I guess she'll be able to babysit our kids some day...=)
Okay, in the picture she looks like she is as tall as me, but that's because she's sitting on a higher cushion than me.

Good weekend. Happy birthday Joshua!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tribute to Joshua

Since Joshua's 25th birthday is Saturday, I thought I would let you all know what a wonderful man God had given me for a husband.
Joshua is a man steadily seeking after the Lord and actively pursuing the calling he has heard for his life. Not only is he diligent and persistent in his studies, but he also goes to work and provides for us, even when that means late nights doing homework. He is very talented at what he does and yet so humble you would not guess how good he is at it.
Joshua is generous with his resources and our money, understanding that it is not ours to hoard but ours to give, and yet wise to know that he should be responsible to take care of his family. He is generous with his time and willing to help me out whenever I need it, even when that means doing the stinky chores.
He serves willingly behind the scenes, doing whatever needs to be done. Many times long after I would have let someone else do it.
He teaches 5th and 6th grade boys on Sundays, not because it's always his favorite thing, but because he knows they need a man to teach them and invest in them.
He listens to me ramble, vent, complain, do mental gymnastics and crazy planning for our future. He prays for us and for our families.
He is adamant about sharing the truth of God and making sure that the truth gets said.
He longs to serve God in the nations, using his talents and skills to benefit those who have less than we do. And he is patient to know that we need this time of equipping, even when it seems like forever.
He inspired me to not grow weary, but to continue to run the race set out for me, and to continue to be conformed to the image of Christ.
He's my best friend...and the best I could ever hope for.
And he makes good coffee.Thank you, Lord God, for my incredible husband.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Birthday and Banquet

So I talked to a sweet friend last week and I was reminded that people do read this blog and I need to keep it least every so often. So here's an update.

Friday night we got to hang out with some of my friends from seminary. We went downtown Fort Worth to celebrate Scott's birthday at PF Chang's. They are a great group of friends and we had a good time.This is Scott with his chocolate birthday cake slice. The waitress brought extra forks and we all had a bite. Yum!Downtown is all lit up at night with these Christmas lights. We just had to stop and take a picture! Gotta love the "one way" sign in the back.On Saturday we did homework all morning. That evening I got to go to the Arlington Pregnancy Center's annual banquet. My home group leader, Carol, volunteers there and had a table at the banquet this year. So she invited the girls from our home group to go with her. It was a beautiful event. The food was delicious and we got to hear testimonies of lives changed. They had a silent auction at the end, but of course everything was out of our price range! We stayed for a little while and the item that people bidded the highest on was a 6 week old chocolate lab puppy! This is the group of us at our table. We all got to dress up and look pretty!
The theme for the banquet was "Crowns of Righteousness" so they had a little crown at each person's place setting. We thought they were kind of goofy, but I had the girls pose with them anyways.

Well, I think that's that for now. I'm off to go walk the dog. Have a great day!